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As I stated in yesterday’s blog, this month’s theme is “Setting Higher Standards.” Time management and Productivity is the #3 issue for moste business owners. To set higher standards for yourself and your company, you need to be accountable for your time.

Accountability basically means ‘being held responsible what you do’. It’s a form of responsibility that means ‘the buck starts and stops with you’ and it’s actually incredibly important. We are going to look at what accountability really means in terms of psychology and at why it’s so important to business.

Accountability Examples

You wake up in the morning, drink your coffee, take a shower, and get on Facebook. You laugh as you scroll through all funny memes. You sip your coffee. You reach out to a friend who’s dm-ed you and scroll through your feed some more. You take another sip of your coffee only to find it cold. How did it get cold so fast? You’re confused so you check the time, only to realize two hours have passed by! You’ve missed that meeting with a potential client! You didn’t get your blog post out! You were supposed to be working on filling your pipeline! Half of your morning is gone and you haven’t even taken a shower yet. The kids will be home from school in 4 hours! How could you have let this happen?

This is an example of where accountability comes in. You did not hold yourself accountable for your time. Many of us have faced this issue whether it’s time or reaching your goals.

Another example of accountability, as it relates to my company, is taking on customers (you) and stating that I take full responsibility for the information that I give to you. Did I give you the correct system to match your personality? As a consultant, I have to get to know my clients and their time-management/ organizing personalities. My accountability to myself and my clients is to make sure that I give them the correct and enough information to make sure you succeed in the area I am well versed in.

Likewise, you would have to hold yourself accountable to your client(s).

Now you can see that accountability has value for a greater purpose – for you, for those working for you, and for those paying you. It means that you’re taking responsibility for your actions and this prevents you from taking advantage of your position.

Accountability and Achieving Your Goals

Speaking of being accountable for your goals, let’s use this as another example. Say you want to bring in a certain amount of potential clients into your pipeline within a certain timeframe. Now, normally you might write this down somewhere and then quietly work towards that goal. In this scenario though, you have no accountability; you haven’t told anyone what you’re going to do and you’re not going to face any repercussions if you fail.

Let’s be honest, you probably won’t really be accountable to yourself. Don’t believe me? Think about it, if you fail, and there’s no one or nothing you have to report to, you’ll probably make some kind of excuse to make yourself feel better. You know it’s true; how many times have you done it already?

Now imagine a different scenario, one where you announce to your accountability partner or coach that you’re going to build your pipeline by 50% (or by 20 potential clients) in a month. You tell them that they shouldn’t accept any excuses from you and you now know you have to report this to someone – you’ve paid money to them for this service and you don’t want your money to go to waste. You know they will be checking in on you weekly to ensure you’ve accomplished your micro goals on the path to reaching your main goal. Every week, you know there will be someone with a fire lit under your butt.

Now you’re being held accountable and you’ll see that you’re suddenly much more motivated to accomplish your goal. In this scenario, accountability has just made you much more productive and given you drive to see your goals through.

How to Bring Accountability to Your Business

With all that in mind, it’s very important to start bringing more accountability into your business. Not only will you find that you’re gonna respect yourself more, but it will also result in you being more productive and ultimately build a more successful company.

About Ky Toure – Post’s Author

My name is Ky Toure and I’m the owner of  KayCee Enterprises and the founder of KayCee’s Business Institute. My main focus is to teach business owners to get organized and more productive using project management systems.

How are you planning to hold yourself accountable? Let me know in the comments below. ↓↓

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