What Is the Connection Between Courage and Self Confidence ~ KayCee Enterprises

So today is day one of a better, stronger you! For day one, we will look at the connection between courage and self-confidence. Why are we thinking about this so early in the challenge? It’s important; bear with me. Take a while to think back to a time when you were too scared to do something, but you gathered up your courage and did it anyway because you knew it had to be done.

Perhaps it was a tough choice of walking away from a bad situation, or maybe it was working through a problem that at first seemed impossible. Was it just overcoming a fear, facing it, and coming through alright? It could have been overcoming a big physical or mental challenge like running your first 5K race or passing a big exam. The “what was it” doesn’t matter; what matters is that you think of something that took courage to do.

How did you feel after you accomplished that act that you were afraid to do? Think about that feeling. Hold on to that feeling. Remember that feeling throughout this challenge.

That feeling gave you a boost of self-confidence didn’t it? That’s one of the connections between courage and self-confidence.

We boost our confidence levels and feeling of self-worth by getting into the habit of doing bold things. Establishing this habit is something we’ll work on throughout the challenge.

The second connection between self-confidence and courage is FEELING courageous. After you’ve gotten the boost in self-confidence, you will start to feel more courageous and ready to tackle the things you’ve been putting off due to fear.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear

If you haven’t noticed it yet, courage and self-confidence work in a self-propelling cycle; do something courageous and your self-confidence increases, perform an act which boosts your self-confidence and you courage increases. So forth and so on. This is an important concept to grasp and it’s something that can be used to your advantage.

You need to get in the habit of doing something that scares you or that seems difficult, in doing so you can put this self-propelling spiral of increased self-confidence into motion.

The only hard part is getting started, and isn’t that why you’re here with me?

Write down five things you want to do but fear because of lack of self-confidence. Feel free to share them in the comments; you may find that you’re not alone.