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We’ve missed a couple of days due to Thanksgiving, but like me, I hope you haven’t forgotten to remind yourself what you’ve been grateful for. Have you been writing in your journal or even taking a second out of your day to remember the good that’s happened to you this year? Were you thinking about how thankful you were that you were able to be with family or for how good that pie tasted? Remember, it only takes small things. Now, let’s get started on today’s post:

You’ve probably heard of affirmations, but you might not understand what it means or how saying it daily can work for you. You may also be a person who doesn’t believe in the “power of positivity,” but don’t be so quick to underestimate it; just stay with me through this post. Saying affirmations is a simple and easy habit to add to your routine or even to use in a particularly stressful moment to help you gain perspective. Continue reading below to learn how to use affirmations to boost give yourself a boost when you need it.


So, What Are Affirmation?

Affirmations are short, positive phrases that are meant to give emotional support and encouragement. The way we think greatly influences our feelings and actions, both in life and business. Introducing these positive messages into your day, during office hours and beyond, on a regular basis can help you to internalize them and begin living and working in a positive manner. Gratuitous affirmations focus specifically on being grateful and appreciative of something that’s happened to you during the day. (or actually anytime during  your business)

How Do I Use Them To Grow My Business

Affirmations are easy to put into practice throughout your work day as it can be used anytime and anywhere, without it interrupting your business process. When you think of using affirmations, you may think you have to stop for long periods of time to focus only on what you’re saying to yourself. In reality, you actually don’t need to spend a lot of time reaffirming yourself in order to reap the benefits. Just sitting quietly for a few minutes and contemplating what you’re grateful for can help to center your mind and give you a new perspective one what’s stressing you.

How it helps to grow your business – in your day-to-day, your business stresses you out; I mean let’s be honest. Without a positive mindset to fuel you, you fall into chaos, stress, and ultimately plateau in your growth. However, with daily affirmations and positivity your mind and emotions become stronger, more determined and everything falls in line. With determination comes organization, with organization comes clarity, and with clarity comes growth. This is how important something as small as daily affirmations could be.

If you want something more structure or have more time, you can look up guided gratitude meditations online or grab an affirmations app to try. Now when it comes to your affirmations, a good practice would be to combine them with your gratitude journal (cough cough here’s an amazing one on Amazon). It’s great to keep them in a separate journal or store them online where you can then pull out for a pick-me-up whenever you need one.

Gratitude affirmations are simple tools that offer a big ROI. They take only a few minutes to practice (investment), and you really don’t need any special equipment. Give this a try whenever you feel you could use an injection of gratitude in your life (the return).

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Start Counting Your Blessings Today

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My name is Ky Toure and I’m the owner of  KayCee Enterprises and the founder of KayCee’s Business Institute. My main focus is to help business owners succeed through positive mindsets and organization using project management techniques. What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments below. ↓↓
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