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Many of my clients (and non-clients) have asked me what products I used to keep me organized and productive.

The following tools answer these questions


To Help With Time Management, Productivity, and Organization

Sumome – I use this website’s tools to help me grow my newsletter subscribers and to gain more traffic to my website. They also offer a plethora of tools which aids in time management and organization through automation. It’s an amazing company to be with! They have a free plan and, as of writing this, their basic plan is only $29/mo (but you can save like 25% if you pay yearly). I suggest you give Sumome a chance as they even offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

OneTab – chrome plug in to free up space on my pc while keeping all my millions of chrome tabs open. This really helps in keeping your productive and organized throughout your daily routine.

Microsoft Office 365 – I had regular office downloaded on my pc. I learned about office 365 from another business owner, did the free trial, and never turned back. Office 365 makes my life SO MUCH EASIER and I only pay $9.99 for 5 people in my household! PRODUCTIVITY SCORE! (they do have a lower plan for one person)

HarvestTime App – I use this app, along with Asana, to help track and manage my time. There is a free version of this app. Be sure to connect it to your Asana board if you use it.

Asana – This is a work management platform that I use, along with HarvestTime and Trello, to help me stay focused on my goals, projects, and daily tasks.

Trello – This is the best project management tool I use to get and keep my business organized. But I don’t only use it on myself – I use it with all my clients! It updates in real time and keeps us all on the same page – no missing deadlines here!

Evernote – This is an amazing organizational tool to keep your notes and lists.

Google Keep – is another place I use to keep me organized; from my family life (shopping list, weekly menu, etc) to client tasks, I LOVE this app!

Hp Instant Ink – Never have to worry about running out of printer ink again – no stopping to run to the store or inefficiency due to running out of ink. Get started for free with the free plan! This is the website I use for sending faxes. You scan what you need to your computer, upload it to this site and fax it over. Very affordable.


To Help New & Existing Businesses Attain Success


Free Conference Call – great to get my entire team on one call, record, and send meetings out.

Legal Shield – have your own legal team for your business

Freshbooks – accounting, invoicing, etc

Mailchimp – I use this for my newsletters. They recently added a landing page feature that’s amazing. Free and paid plans available

Presenter Media – I use this to make AMAZING powerpoint presentations. This website saves me loads of time in designing engaging templates for my videos or classes.

Female Entrepreneur Association – This group keeps me grounded. This company is founded by the amazing Carrie Green and it’s for women to help us become as successful as we want to be. Carrie offers us monthly packages, q and a sessions, accountability partners, and a private facebook group for members only. I’ve been a member for about 2 years now and it’s helped me in so many ways I couldn’t even imagine.

The Girls Mean Business – This group has been a catalyst in teaching me about marketing. 

Graphic Design & Website Design

Divi Themes – One prive for many theWordpress style themes. Ready made and they come out with an new theme almost every monthl So you can change your website whenever you want OR even use these themes for your website design business to make your life easier.

1and1 – My go to for domain names due to their sales. The first year is usually .99 or $1.00 then $15/year after

Hostgator – My go to for website hosting. They have decent prices and one of the best customer service

99Designs – If I am unable to help my clients with their graphic design or website design, I refer them to this site.

Misc.. To Earn Extra Income Just By Shopping


Ebates They pay me to shop! Whenever I buy online, all I have to do is go to my store through the ebates app and I get a percentage of what I spent back! You get a check every month delivered right to you! I’ve been a member of Ebates for a number of years and will not stop using it!

Mypoints This company does the same thing as Ebates – pays me to shop, except they use points. You can get points per dollar that you spend shopping. You can then use your points to get gift cards to different stores where you shop – Amazon, Target, the list goes on and on! Unlike other companies, it doesn’t take you months to accumulate points! You can get points by taking surveys, printing/ using their grocery coupons, through shopping, there are SO many ways to earn points! This is another company I’ve been with for years and LOVE THEM!

About Ky Toure

My name is Ky Toure and I’m your time management answer! My main focus is to help you reclaim your time through management and productivity techniques. 

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**Just so you know, some of these have affiliate links. I did not share them for money, but to share with you the tools I use to stay organized and successful in my business. I want to help you avoid the stress in your search for success!

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