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In today’s competitive market you need to stand out anyway you can.  Your Profile picture is usually the first picture of you that potential clients will see when they visit your social media sites. You will want this picture to be the best statement of you and your brand that you have ever made.

As a photographer I get asked all of the time by clients which option is best for their headshots studio or location, which can also be the client’s office or place of business. To this I say that answer can vary. I will list a few

Studio Portraits Location Portraits (outdoor)
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Controlled Lighting Boring Natural light is just pretty Depending on Mother Nature
Not Many distractions Have to pick up and move to get different options not ideal with young kids Natural props More to carry to your session
Bathroom No bathroom.
Perfect temperature More conversation starters In the summer it’s hot
Ease of relationship with the photographer More backdrop varieties which make for great pictures Parked cars
Ability to change in comfort Ability to capture the client in their environment Coworkers can be nosey, especially if they aren’t getting photographed





I like to offer clients both options.  You will see from these examples the differences in what an indoor and outdoor session looks. I often photograph my clients in a variety of poses even during the indoor as to give the illusion of being outside. I want there to be a story behind the image as well as my client to have the best expression and these images convey that sentiment.

Indoor Location

Indoor Location



Both were taken on the same day within minutes of each other we just walked across the street to a shaded area for even lighting but you can see how stepping outside into the fresh air did something to her.

I met my client at her home these portraits and at the end of the day these two were my favorite. They were taken using some of her own props and I placed her in front of a HUGE window and SHABANG this is what we got. So you don’t need a lot you just need to know what your clients end goal is after some options. I carry a portable backdrop with me and my light kit twin Genesis 400 light heads, Heavy doesn’t even begin to describe these puppies but I love them. I also use a white reflective umbrella and softbox.

pic 4pic 3

Every photographer has their own opinion on this topic so I employ you to just find a photographer that has consistent body of work throughout. Look at their website and social media outlets and make sure that you see the same style. If you like it great hire them you will know they are someone you can work with. And will know what to expect.

Until Next Week

Wanda Thomas