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With 2020 fast approaching, it’s best to start setting your goals before the distraction of the holidays and kids being out of school kick in. Goals help you stay organized in your business, not only that but they help you stay motivated towards your company growth. Goals help us accomplish more, help keep us on track, they force us to think about what we want out of  business, and keep us accountable in accomplishing that.

With goals in place, SMART goals, you’re more likely to see progress than you would if you were to start the year off blindly or by the seat of your pants. As we all know from experience, seeing progress in your business gives you a huge boost in confidence and motivation. That confidence is what gives us the motivation to tackle your next set of goals.  

Now, you know that you need to set goals, but HOW do you do that?

Well, first, you need to determine what you want to accomplish; what is your goal specifically? The main word here is SPECIFICALLY. More clients, getting organized, or working less is a wish and not a real goal. If you don’t specify how any clients you want in 2020 and by when, you won’t have anything to measure your progress on. If you want to make $100k in 1 year or 365 days, then you need to calculate how much you need to make in set periods. Like, if  your goal is to make $100k in 2020, but you don’t plan on working every single day in the year, which you shouldn’t, then you would need to calculate accordingly for how many days you need to work, hours you need to work, and clients/ products you need to sell. So, let’s say you want to work 5 days a week, working at 30 hours a week with 2 weeks off for vacation during the year – this means you need to make an estimate of $67/ hour. You can set your MINI goal hourly, weekly, or monthly so that you will attain your primary goal of $100k by the end of the year. Goals are set to give you an ending point to look forward to.

If one of your goals for 2020 is to get more clients, first you need to know how much money you want to make so that you can figure out how many clients you need to bring on. You would then break it down further by how many clients you need each month and each quarter, which program will you be bringing the clients in under, and where you plan on attaining your leads. The planning and process to reach each goal will be very different. You can’t begin to measure your progress and success unless you set well-defined goals.

The same holds true for the idea of working less while growing your business success; that is just an idea. It’s an excellent idea geared towards bringing in more money without being overly stressed while doing it. The idea is a good starting point, but it’s not an actual goal. How successful do you want your business? How much money do you need to make? How many hours do you want to work each week and how many days? How to you plan on doing this? 

Don’t throw an arbitrary number out there, whether its money, hours to work, or how many clients you want to bring in. It’s much easier to stick to the goal of building $10,000 to grow your company than to just say “I want to grow my company.”  

Each step that gets you closer to your goal has real meaning and it increases your confidence in yourself and your business.

Let me know your goals in the comments below or in my Facebook Group for Moms in Business. I’ll let you know how to break down those goals into smaller steps that will help you achieve them.

About Ky Toure – Post’s Author

My name is Ky Toure. I’m the owner of  KayCee Enterprises and the founder of the Moms in Business Group. I help women business owners work up to 20 hours a week less in their business without jeapordizing their income. 

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