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So this was supposed to be a 7 day reflect, review, and plan series HOWEVER, my computer had different ideas. (I had computer issues all last week and had to repair it) Now, instead of doing it in 7 separate blog posts, I’ll do it all in one today. Even though it’s in one post, I want you to still take this step by step so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Let’s get the first quarter of 2019 (and every other quarter) started on the right foot. To do that, we have to plan for what we want. In this one-post series, I will run you through organizing your thoughts and planning your goals for 2019. 

Step One: Reflect

The first thing you need to do before you get into reviewing the past year is to reflect upon it. Reflecting entails simply thinking about the goo and the bad from the past year, writing it down, and releasing it. Reflecting is not the same as reviewing, so in this stage you are not trying to figure out how to fix what went wrong or keep what went right; you are simply writing and releasing.

For more help on this, including a free sheet with questions check out the last blog I wrote here.

Step Two: Brain Dump

In this step, you are going to just write. Just get everything that you need to get out of your head onto paper. You won’t edit yourself. You won’t overthink your answers and you won’t judge yourself.

The purpose of a brain dump is to clear you head of its mental clutter. As I’ve said before, the first step to organizing your business is to organize your mind.

Once you’ve completed your brain dump you’ll feel less stressed, less frustrated, and ready to move on with getting ready for 2019.

So grab a notebook and get to writing. My favorite notebook is here. It’s grids so I can easily draw boxes AND I can make my brain dump look need. Sounds weird I know, but for those of you who are like me, I suggest you get a grid notebook like this one.

There are no prompts or questions you should be asking yourself to guide you through your brain dump, you’re simply going to be writing out:

all of your ideas

clients you want to work with

projects you have in mind

things you want to do like – public speaking, classes, blogging

blog post ideas you may have

frustrations you may have

After you are done, let’s organize your brain dump. Turn to a new piece of paper and make 4 boxes. One for actionable ideas, one for Ideas that can be a possibility but for a later date, any negative things that you just needed to reveal and release, and miscellaneous ideas that can’t really be categorized right now.



Crush Your Goals in 2019!

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.” You’re aware that having goals is what is needed to grow a business, but past the “setting” phase you’re lost. Learn how to create a winning 90 Day Action Plan and crush your goals with the help of a project manager, workbooks, planners, and accountability.

Step Three: The Review

Now it’s time to review you past year. Reviewing is different from reflection because when you review you are going to survey your entire year; the good and the bad and everything in between.

The reason you need to do a year end review is to take a look at your business from a different perspective – from the outside – and figure out which processes and systems are working and what are not.

In the review stage you are going to answer these questions:

1. What were my biggest accomplishments?

2. What were my biggest disappointments?

3. Where do I see room for improvement?

4. What roles did I waste time on that could have been outsourced?

5. Did I make any progress on my long term goals? (goals 5 years and beyond)

6. What was money well spent?

7. What do I feel like I wasted money on?

8. Who helped me the most this year? (supported me, nurtured me, helped me build my business)

9. What held me back this year?

10. How did I hold myself back this year?

11. Do I have any outstanding short-term goals? (goals I didn’t reach in any quarter of this year)

12. What did I learn about myself and my business this year?

13. If I had to describe this year in 3 words what would they be? (as pertaining to my business)

Be truthful when answering these questions. The only way you can move forward is if you can honestly see what’s going right and what’s holding you back in your business.

These questions are just a guide; if you feel some don’t pertain to you or you need to add more questions, feel free to do it. This review is 100% about you.

Step Four: Plan

Now that you’ve reflected, dumped, and reviewed it’s time to start planning.

In the planning phase, you want to reanalyze your SWOT, continue working on what went right this year, and revamp whatever was not working.

So first, let’s look at your SWOT.

A SWOT analysis is great strategic planning tool for you to identify and understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect your business.

Providing you already have a SWOT analysis (if not, I will be providing more information to you in the near future), you will need to review these items from 2018:

review your business swot for 2018

Now that you’ve analyzed the 2018 SWOT, go ahead and write out your SWOT for 2019. Use this to capitalize on your strengths, exploit those opportunities from 2018, overcome what you saw as your weaknesses, and avoid your threats. You will also use this tool to find your most important issues, set your priorities, and take action to climb your way to success this year.

Next let’s plan these key areas:

Financial: What is your financial goal for 2019? It should be to increase it from 2018; set an exact number so that you can plan how to attain it. With setting a financial goal for profit, remember that includes being debt free so if you’re not as of yet, plan on how you will be paying it off

Productivity: Your level of productivity impacts what you do and how much you make in your business. You should set a goal to enhance your productivity for the upcoming year by using more productivity tools, outsource, and eliminating distractions.

Increase Online Visibility: Review your social media followings for 2018 and work to increase it in 2019. Make a monthly plan, weekly plan, and daily plan on what needs to be done to increase those numbers. Set a goal of how many numbers you should increase by each month.

Marketing: What marketing worked in 2018 and brought you more business? What was a waste of time and money? Work more on the marketing that brought you more business both online and offline.

Step Five: Build Your Success Mindset


I bet you didn’t know that the way you think has a direct effect on your success did you? Yes, to be successful, the first step is to have a success mindset; that success mindset also has to be a positive one. Having a positive mindset leads to better stress management when dealing with your business – and let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur is very stressful. Positive mindsets also leads to improved health, better relationship with your clients, and inevitably a better business practice. You can read more about How to Develop a Success Driven Mindset here

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