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At the end of the year you always hear everyone say, “Let’s review your year and see how far you’ve come” but no one really talks about REFLECTING on your year. Ky, isn’t reflecting and reviewing the same thing? Well no. Reflecting is when you think back on an event(s) and you think it over, enjoying it, and/or reliving it. When you reflect, you focus on the feelings of the situation but you’re not thinking about how to fix it; it’s just thoughts and feelings.

Reflecting on my week so far, I see things didn’t go as planned. This blog post was supposed to have gone out on Sunday, but my computer had different plans. At first I got frustrated, but I reflected and released and realized that the show must go on. I have to edit my timeline and move on.

When you are reviewing situations, you need to analyze the events of said situation. You need to go over the events, figure out how they affected/ will affect you and your business, and come a resolution. Now, I’m not talking about the cliche “new year’s resolution,” what I’m talking about is trying to figure out how to fix whatever went wrong and how to continue doing everything that went “right.” We’ll go through reviewing your year in another blog post.

One is non-challenging and one is all about challenging yourself and business.

So in this post, I want you to focus on reflection aspect only of this year.

Londro Rinzler, meditation expert and teacher an MNDFL in New York City said, “Looking back on the year is not about beating yourself up and seeing what you need to do better; it’s about rejoicing.” As you think about the past year, you usually think about what didn’t happen- negative thoughts start to come to mind. What you need to do is take time to reflect. In reflection, you’re going to force yourself to be in the moment and when you think about the possible negative aspects of your business, you force  yourself to bring the attention back tot he positive. Be gentle with yourself; don’t beat yourself up. In your reflection, you’re going to go through some different aspects to help you reflect:

Game Changers
Final Reflection

In order to start, block off at least 30 minutes of time on one day of your choosing, sit with your favorite beverage and song, take out pen and paper, and let’s reflect.


We are going to reflect on the highlights of your year. Highlights mean the best part of your year. In this section, you are not letting any negativity creep in; you are to only focus on the best events that occurred in your business. To get you started, I’ll list a couple of questions that you can ask yourself.

1. What were my favorite memories of my business for this year?

2. What went well in my business this year?

3. What did I do in my business that made me feel empowered this year?

4. What happened in my business this year that I’m most proud of?

Now write the answers to these questions. Don’t stress on it; just write whatever comes to mind no matter how big or how small.



Although we are delving into a negative aspect of your reflection, this does not mean that you are going to let it seep in. In this portion of your reflection, you just need to write down the “what” happened and you are not figuring out the “why” of it. You will also not wallow in this. Write down, reflect, and move on.

So here are some questions that should be answered:

1. What didn’t go so well in your business this year?

2. What did I do to make me feel most drained this year?

Once again, answer these questions for reflection purposes only; don’t dwell and don’t try to figure out why it went wrong or how you can fix it.

For me, my marketing skills suck and I feel like I took too long to find and start taking marketing classes to help my business. However, I did find Claire Mitchel who’s a marketing genius!

Game Changers

Let’s go over the fame changes of your 2018. Now, what do I mean when I saw a “game changer?” I mean whatever changed the course of your business for the better this year. It doesn’t have to be anything major; just what was the biggest cause of a positive change in your business. Here is the question to help you out:

What happened this year that was unexpected and changed my priorities?

My biggest game changers this year was taking the group (Female Entrepreneur Association)  I joined in 2017 seriously, joining a marketing group and really taking the classes (The Girls Mean Business), being virtually introduced to Jenny Shih, and I started journaling to keep me sane.

All in all, what was the biggest business lesson you learned from 2018?

I learned that I need to stop taking things so hard. Everything happens for a reason within my business and even if something negative happens, I should learn from it, take from it, and turn it around in such a way that it would help my business. After I learned this, my business started barreling towards my goal point. I didn’t quite make it this year, but now that I’ve learned (and implemented) these things, next year will be a complete turnaround.

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