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New to my blog, I will be posting Maximum Effort Mondays (yes I know today is Tuesday, but I wanted this particular post to go out on the first day of the first new quarter.) Most people call it Motivation Monday, but I call it Maximum Effort because video and audio posts will give you the extra push you need to reach your goals – you know which one I’m talking about; that last, I-have-to-dig-deep push. I call it MAXIMUM EFFORT because I’m a Deadpool nerd.

But enough of that.

For my first Maximum Effort post, for the first day of the new quarter, I remind you that failure is not an option! If you didn’t meet your goals for last year, if you feel like you have to start over, or if you did meet your goals but are just burned out – just remember, you can do it!

Believe in yourself, dig deep, and push through!

I’ve had to do this myself throughout my search for success. Even when you’ve reached your first tier of success, you are always striving for more – to be better. I don’t mean that  you’re not thankful for where you are; I’m just saying you don’t want to remain stagnant. I’ve reached my first tier of success, but I am still evolving so that I can get to a point where I’m able to donate large portions of my income – this is what I consider my second tier of success.

So while you are watching this video, let the message permiate in your heart, mind, and body. Just know YOU CAN DO IT!

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