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For this Maximum Effort Monday I’m discussing COURAGE in business. I know that most people call it Motivation Monday, but I call it Maximum Effort because video and audio posts will give you the extra push you need to reach your goals – you know which one I’m talking about; that last, I-have-to-dig-deep push. I call it MAXIMUM EFFORT because I’m a Deadpool nerd.

Courage in your business, and in your life, is the willingness to never give up – never surrender.

Courage comes in many different forms; sometimes courage is getting knocked down and getting up again because you’re never gonna keep me down, but every time courage is the willingness to try again.

Courage in Failing

If you have always wanted to be successful in your business, or even START a business, then you know you have to start somewhere. That somewhere is a place deep inside of you called Courage. If you never try, then you are guaranteed to fail. 

Courage is taking that first step into the unknown – not know if you’re going to succeed or not, but doing it anyway. If you fail the first time, it is not an ending; instead it’s just the beginning and a learning tool of what not to do in the future. Success may not show up the way you planned, but it will show up sooner or later as long as you keep pushing forward.

When you do fail and you see that you have survived, it will only give you the fuel necessary to propel you forward with more determination. If everyone who ever succeeded at anything stopped trying after the first few rounds, then we would not have half the achievements we have in life now.

So while you are watching this video, let the message permiate in your heart, mind, and body. Just know YOU CAN DO IT!

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