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If ever there was a day that I needed Maximum Effort, it would be today. My daughter had pneumonia which just turned into a sinus infection. On top of that, she has bad asthma. Imagine being awoken at 5am to your kid saying they can’t breathe and their inhaler isn’t helping.

I go to jump in the car and take her to the hospital and my battery is dead – not because I left anything on  but just because. Turns out I need a new battery.

So, with 2 hours of sleep under my belt, a sick child, and a wonky car here I am sending you a Maximum Effort Monday video to get you through your week.

Although my eyes are red and half closed, I know what needs to be done today for me to reach my goals. The only person who can hold you back is you and sometimes you just need to dig deep and scream “MAXIMUM EFFORT” to push yourself forward.

Really take this video in, understand what they are saying, and let it motivate you for this week.

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