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Let’s start Day 4 with a review! Even though it’s just day 4, let’s appreciate how far you’ve come. By now, everyone should have downloaded your Affirmation Journal. If not, it’s not too late; you can access it here >>.

For me, realizing how far I’ve come and how much I have actually accomplished is always a HUGE confidence booster. I’m sure it’s the same for you. To be honest, there’s so much we all have done over the past few days, weeks, years that we can be proud of. The problem is, we never stop to appreciate it and so, don’t see it. It always seems like there is so much that we HAVEN’T done and, as is human nature, that’s what we focus on. Well, I say IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE! It’s time to change our perspective and focus on the positive. Give yourself a congratulation on how far you’ve come already.

Journaling helps you achieve goals, boost your self-esteem, make you mindful, and helps with healing

Reflection and Gratitude

The simplest way to make sure you see and notice what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come is to get in the habit of spending a few minutes either in the morning or right before bed for reflection and gratitude.

When you wake up in the morning, before you jump out of bed, while you’re drinking that first cup of coffee, or even while you’re taking your shower, think about what you’ve accomplished and what you’re grateful for. I like this morning habit because it sets a positive and confident tone for the whole day ahead. If that doesn’t work for you, try it at night, before you fall asleep. Make it a daily habit and watch your confidence grow.

Journaling And Habit Trackers

journal for your affirmations

If you’re the type of person who needs to see it in black and white to believe it, give journaling a try. Spend a few minutes each day writing down your wins. If you’re trying to establish better habits, try a habit tracker. You basically set up a grid with the habits you want to establish and little check boxes next to them. Grid paper and excel spreadsheets work well for this. Then, as you complete your habit for the day, you get to check it off. It can be very motivating to see a month’s worth of little checkmarks on your habit tracker.

journal for goals

With the journal, make it a point to go back and review your wins on a regular basis and of course whenever you need a little boost of self-esteem and confidence. Look online for plenty of journaling and habit tracker ideas. You can also simply download the free journals I have already ready for you with journaling prompts and ideas. (Access it here>>).

gratitude journal

Your Own Personal Cheerleader

Last but not least, consider getting your own personal cheerleader. No, I’m not suggesting you hire a person with pompoms to follow you around everywhere. (But that would be great though wouldn’t it. Or having a theme song play whenever you needed it… Oh I’m getting off track here..) Instead, find a good friend or family member who’s encouraging already and ask them to cheer you on. Give them a call whenever you’re feeling low, or don’t want to do something so they can encourage you and cheer you on to give you that boost of confidence to do what you need to do. Of course they should also help you by pointing out how much you’ve accomplished already.