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It’s the last Sunday in July and it’s time to review your month AND your week. How did everything go this month? Wrap up your goals and get ready for August!

In reviewing your monthly goals, go back and see what you did complete (give yourself a prize!!) and what you have left to complete. For the goals that haven’t been done, can they be rolled over to August? What prevented you from completing it, and how can you bypass these obstacles?

After you’ve inventoried your month, let’s do the same for your week. What did you accomplish last week and what can be rolled over to the upcoming week. You also need to write down your goals for the upcoming week. Keep reading to find out how to track your goals…

We will do this together weekly, every Sunday. Keep in mind that this beginning statement may or may not change every week.

I look forward to helping you get organized in your business.

Here Are Your Weekly Goals

My idea of S.M.A.R.T Goals are 3 types of goals each week. These are the types of goals you’re gonna be setting for the week:

  1. Easy Goals – also known as an Attainable goal. This is a goal that you know you can do this week – meaning NOTHING should get in your way of doing it.
  2. Challenging Goals – also known as Ambitious goals. These goals are a bit more challenging for you to complete and may take a bit more effort and focus.
  3. Maximum Effort Goals – also known as an Audacious goal. This goal will take maximum effort to complete. For me, this goal usually will take me all 4 weeks to get done. It’s soemthing that NEEDS to be done but will take serious work and attention.

As this is Sunday, were you able to get through your goals for last week? 

Look at your goal sheet and be honest with yourself about what you were unable to get through and why. Now write this down in your journal (If you want to learn more about why you should journal visit this post) so that you can keep track of your emotional state each day/ week in correlation to how many tasks you were able to finish each day/ week. If you’re having a block on your business, or succeeding one month more than another – looking back through that journal can help you figure out why.

Upcoming Week’s Goals

free worksheet to help with procrastination

Now that you’ve gone through last week’s goals, let’s plan next week’s and share it with each other so we can keep accountable.

In the comments below (and on the goal sheet) write your:

1. Easy Goal

2. Challenging Goal

3. Maximum Effort Goal

There should be one goal in each category. From those goals you will then write HOW you’re planning on achieving the goals. What will you be doing each day to achieve them?

Don’t get down if you are not able to get through your goals each week; life happens.

Write in your journal how you feel each day, whether you achieved your goal or not.

Let’s get started!

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