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“Our business went from 0 to 6 figures in half a year thanks to you!”

“Extremely fast and exactly as advertised! Just what I needed. Thank you!”

“Ky is one of the hardest workers that I know with a wide range of knowledge. She is well equipped to provide solutions and is a quick thinker when it comes to technology and business strategies. Also, if you want someone who is personable and customer focused, you’ve found the right person!”

“awesome job! tyvm”

“kaycee has been simply amazing to work with….quick, accurate, and no problem when we asked for a change. Will definitely work with this artist in the future!”
Graphic Design Customer

“Completed job on schedule as promised, with great communication. Very professional. Will contact kaycee for help with any future problems with my website/projects that may arise with my business. Highly recommended.”

Ky is very detailed oriented and produced results for our company in many different areas: Office Management Social Media Marketing Graphic Design Web Design PR She’s helped in successfully marketing our company, both online and offline, to our prospective clients. She’s built our fans on Facebook and Twitter and is EXCELLENT with our newsletters. I recommend Ky’s services to anyone who needs help managing and building their company. 

“You are my new secret weapon.”
Dr. Nailah Smith, Full Body Rejuvenation Center

“Ky Toure has been my go-to company twice in a row for special projects.

Her company’s expertise in business consulting will take your business to your achieved and desired result.  She will teach you, like she did me, how to incorporate bes time managment practices to learn how to stream-line ways to meet your objectives as it relates to your companies deliverables.

I fully recommend her services and will continue to work closely with her. I’ve better learned where to use my time wisely and I feel like I’ve become way more productive and efficient with my time.”

“The artist has been wonderful to work with, and is very responsive to my requests. Highly recommended..mj”
Graphic Design Customer

“I would definitely say the best (and fastest) proofreader around! No other words necessary.”

I reached out to Ky to help me with some strategic planning as I establish a budding nonprofit organization. “It’s hard to see the picture when you’re the frame.” I tend to get a lot of ideas when I let my imagination run and am not always sure where to place each idea or even if said idea is worth pursuing. That’s where Ky came in. She helped me organize my thoughts, and together we worked on drawing a map, documenting the steps I needed to take to get the ball rolling. I feel so much more prepared to take my vision from ideation to implementation.

“Very professional and very nice attitude, she got the job fast and was very patient in dealing with me because I am very picky, I highly recommend her services.”

“Brilliant! Great job,I love it! I will be coming back for more.”

“Perfect thank you! Hope to do more business with you soon.”
Business Branding Customer

“Thank you for the revisions and getting this done for me :)”
Graphic Design Customer – Revision

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