International Women's Day -Honoring Some Women Who Are Amazing ~ KayCee Enterprises

Today is International Women’s Day 2018! I wanted to take some time out to give a shout out to those selfless women who have inspired me AND helped me in my business without asking for anything in return!

Michelle Snow

Michelle Snow is the CEO of the Michelle Snow Company, LLC.  Michelle’s company provides professional development, training, workshops, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies.

She has given me verbal and visual motivation thoughout the years. She’s also answered any questions I may have without making me feel bad about asking; without telling me to purchase something from her to answer said question. She’s been behind me for many years and makes me use my noggin in order to grow organically. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Michelle Snow!

Sara Rosenberg

Sara Rosenberg  is the owner of an amazing group; PowerMatch. What’s PowerMatch you ask? Well, let’s take the explanation from their website “Networking, but BETTER!” The PowerMatch Networking group was designed to get business owners together over coffe, lunch, or (most recently) via phone/skype to discuss how we can help each other. It’s NOT a sales meeting, only a meeting of like minded business owners to sit, talk, and build business relationships with.

I’ve been with PowerMatch from the beginning and watched Sara grow the company. She has also been very helpful in my business growth. Not only has her company connected me with a myrad of awsome business owners, but she has never hesitated to give me her opinion when I had a question about my own business. She’s never made me feel like less than an equal and we can have very open discussions on anything from business to life. (Not to mention we share the same humor and sarcasm so there’s that!) So join me when I say YOU’RE AWESOME to Sara Rosenberg.

Lisa Balthaser

And last but not least I want to shout out Lisa Balthaser owner of Fleur de Lisa Solutions. Fleur provides solutions and strategies for business’ content marketing, social media, and blogging needs. FDLS is an amazing company and Lisa is excellent at what she does; which is apparent by looking at her many florishing social media accounts.

Lisa and I met each other through networking and became fast friends. She’s there for me when I need to vent about business and I’m there for her for the same. We bounce business ideas off of each other, talk life, and talk hardships. Lisa has never let me down when I needed motivation, affirmation, and a kick in the pants to get me back on track. Please, everyone, join me in saying THANKS LISA!!

And a bonus add on: Evelyn Jackson

I’d like to give a hearty shout out to Evelyn Jackson, owner of Small Business Tutors.
While Evelyn and I may not speak much, her story of hardship to success inspires me daily. The reminder of what she was able to accomplish after a devastaing car accident, keeps me pushing forward whenever I feel like I can’t do it any more! She’s an author of three books and she’s the one who inspired me to stop being scared and just write my books. Because of her, I stopped thinking “I want to do it/ I should do it.” And just did it! Thank you Evelyn for being an inspiration to me, and I’m sure, countless others!

365 Positive Affirmations Journal for Successful Business Owners


And not to seem cheesy, but here’s one of the books that I was motivated to write. 

“I’m coming for everything they said I couldn’t have.”

365 Positive Affirmations Journal for Successful Business Owners is a journal designed to offer motivation and support that most business owners lack.

Each page offers a phrase for motivation and a section to write things that you need to purge from your mind. This journal aids in giving the entrepreneur motivation, comfort that you are not in this alone, knowledge that failure is not the end, and more!

Research shows that business owners who are successful do journal daily to allow their brains to “engage in a creative process that allows you to brainstorm solutions and try new ways of thinking.”

With 365 affirmations and pages for your thoughts, you can cultivate a great daily habit of getting out of your head and of moving forward to the success you know you are meant for!

Grab a copy for yourself and one for a friend to share in this journey together! Purchase on Amazon >>here<< or in regular bookstores today!

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