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By Ky Toure

Income Building Workbook

Business Boosting Workbook

Want to plan extra income in your business? Check out my Income Building Workbook. This workbook is more of a planner and something I put together after I’d lost one of my major clients and felt like I was just restarting my company. I was out of money, felt like I was out of options, and just kicking myself for relying on one major client. After months of trials (and some failures), I was able to build a routine and build my income. Not only have I included my routine in this book, but I’ve also included some lessons and tidbits to help on your way to building your income!

Most people feel like making income online is not easy, but for others it seems like they can’t fail at it. Well, no matter who you are this workbook is for you. I’ve designed this Income Building Workbook to help you money up your strategies and grow a successful business.


What’s Included

The Income Building Workbook will give you ideas for making income, how to track your cash flow, how to track your marketing, and more!

Learn about passive income & get ideas on what you can do
Income Tracker Section – know how much money you have coming in each month
Get a bill tracker
Get an advertising tracker
Get a marketing Calendar
Get a monthly planner
Learn about Sales Funnel
Get a Sales Funnel checklist
Get a Social Media Planner
Get a Weekly To-Do list to help towards your success

Pages: 49 total pages in this workbook; each geared towards reaching your income goals!

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