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The key to starting a 90-day goal setting plan, is to outline what you want and how you are going to do it. I personally like to start jotting down everything using pen and paper – well really pencil and paper for easier editing. I feel that using this method gives you the opportunity to be very creative and get your mental juices flowing.

Remember when you were in school; one of the ways your English teacher would get you interested in class would be to get you brainstorming on paper. You were told to write whatever comes to your mind – be it a short story, poetry or just thoughts that flow. When you do this on a computer, it becomes is harder because your fingers sit ready over the home keys and your brain automatically kicks into, “this needs to be clear, concise, and perfect” mode. Using a pen or pencil allows your brain to relax and flow with ideas.

90 day goal setting action plan

As you sit and write out your plan, you can add goals, eliminate or edit them; just let the brainstorming flow, and finally come up with solid plan.

Then, after that, you can now open a word document and type out your final 90-day goal plan. However, even though you have it in your computer, don’t throw out your notebook that has all your ideas. You never know, there may be a diamond in there and you might want to come back to address it later.

First, you need to make a decision. 

Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve in the next 90 days? 

As you know, each business year has 4 quarters, so think of your 90 days as the quarters in the calendar year. The first quarter is January-March, the second quarter is April-June, the third quarter is July-September, and the fourth quarter is October- December. Align your business goals with the time of year for more success.

Another option you can consider is hiring a consultant to help you start and stay on the road to successfully reach your 90 day goals.

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So now, depending on when you’re reading this, what do you want to accomplish for this quarter? For me, in the first quarter, I focus on planning, dusting off old ideas, or refreshing my products to get ready for the second quarter of the year.

Do you want to build your revenue by 20%? If that’s your goal, what is your road map to get there? You know you need to have a plan to sell more products or offer more services; this includes marketing, so what is your marketing strategy for the 90 days?

Do you want to write an ebook and sell it on Amazon? You need an action plan of how to create the ebook, how much you need to write each day so that you can finish in 90 days, and how you will get traffic to your Amazon listing.

Now that you’ve written out your goal(s), you need to decide what the most important steps are going to be for you to work on. Remember, this is for the next 90 days, so these steps need to be concise and a top priority.

For a significant revenue increase, will you focus on how to market (online or offline), selling products, selling services, getting yourself seen online? Having a main focus will kickstart your goal action plan because you can see a straight path, which would lead you to making a direct roadmap to attaining your goal. With that said, remember that having too many goals in a 90 day period will make your path crooked and it’ll be easy to wander off into the wrong direction. Keep it simple; keep it to one goal for every quarter.

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