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90 Day Action Plan For Goal Setting

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What To Expect From a Coach

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SMART Goal Setting Flow Chart

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Helping You Achieve Success in 90 Days

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to YOUR NEW PLAN OF ACTION

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly setting goals, but never achieving them? Ever have a goal in mind but don’t know how to break them down into more manageable, actionable objectives? Have you achieved your goals but feel indifferent about the end result? Have you found yourself saying: 

I want my life to get better

I wish I had more money

I wish my business would do better this year

I want to finally start my business and stop working this job that sucks

Why is everyone else successful but I'm not?

Goal Setting

Plan your goals for the next 90 days and get bite sized steps to achieve them

Gain Clarity

Get extremely clear at what you want to achieve in the next quarter of the year

Vision Board

Dream big. Dream hard. Make your dreams a reality. Create a vision board to keep your mind on track with your goals.

Prioritize & Monitor

Prioritize what needs to be done in the next quarter, then monitor the results at the end. I give you the means to keep track of what’s working and what’s not.

What Is Goal Planning?
Who is this action plan for?

It’s difficult to set goals when you’re not even sure what you want out of your business. There are lots of business owners out there who just try to “wing it” but only the lucky VERY few are able to become successful this way. To determine what you want, you need to dig deep within yourself and dream, write down everything that comes to mind, and don’t hold yourself back. What does success look like to you? What do you always dream about? Do you want a similar success to your role model? Do you want that 3 story house you’ve been eyeing for the past 3 years? Whatever it is, write it down.

Now, where goal planning comes in is now you have to set SPECIFIC plans which would be your road map on the highway to attaining your dreams.

This 90 day action plan is for online business owners who want to make a difference in each quarter of the year.

Most business owners fail to attain their goals because they set out to do too much.

I help you break down your overall goals into small, attainable goals set to the tune of every quarter; 90 days.

What do I get with this action plan?

With this package you get:

Three phone calls with me (90 minutes to get you started and two follow up 30 minutes accountability calls to ensure that you’re on the right path) – Notes will be sent to you to review on your time.

Two weeks full of video series – along with a step by step action plan

Two weeks of email access to me – helping you with any goal setting questions or concerns you may have

A Goal Setting Journal

A Vision Board Template

A Goal Review/ Setting Workbook

Full Business Planning Trello Board with Weekly to do list

All of this for only $299!!

How This Works

Step 1: Purchase your action plan consultation. You can do that right here

Step 2: After you submit your payment, you’ll receive a welcome package and client agreement from me with 1 business day.

Step3: After the agreement has been signed, you’ be given a link with your prep work.

Step 4: Answer all question on the prepwork form and hit submit.

Step 5: After your prep work has been completed, you’ll be given a link to schedule your first 90 minute session with me

Stpe 6: The time has come! Consultation time! We’ll use this opportunity to make sure your goals align with your vision and you have a clear step-by-step plan to accomplish them in 90 days.

Step 6: Get started, work on your goals like we talked about and for 2 weeks, you may email me with any questions or help you may need.

Step 7: Watch your success!


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“I went from 0 to 6 figures in 6 months with your help!”

“Easy to understand and easy to apply her instructions”

“With Ky’s help I’ve been able to figure out what my goals are AND I reached them! I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to finally make a difference in their business!”

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