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We are nearing the end of June and, as you are already aware, it’s that time of the year for you to review those goals you made back in January. Now I don’t mean your New Year’s Resolutions; I don’t believe in those in the least bit – they normally lead to failure as it’s usually not done correctly. What I mean are the strategic business goals you made in the first quarter of this year. Mid-year reviews are the best times to summarize, celebrate, and inspire yourself to grow and do better in your business.

June is Mid-Year Review month

As you know, businesses should review their goals every 90 days; these are the companies that are the most successful in reaching their goals. However, just in case you were not able to do that (and even if you were) let’s go ahead and talk about your mid-year review.

It’s very difficult for business owners to look back on their goals because they fear facing the goals they haven’t yet accomplished. However, as I’ve said in previous posts, fear leads to failure – and fear of failure still leads to failure. So, instead of fearing what you think it means if you didn’t accomplish a goal or two (or three) you need to focus on what you DID accomplish and go through what you need to adjust to accomplish what’s still on the list.

So, what do you do first?

Well first you need to know what your business goals were. You should have a good system for tracking your goals. If you don’t, try my Total Business Management Trello Board. This board will make your life easier when it comes to tracking your goals (and your business ans it’s a full business hub). The best part is because it’s on Trello, it’s accessible on every device – phone, pc, tablet, or you could even print it out! Cool huh!

Once you’ve established your goals you need to praise yourself on the items you’ve accomplished and then fiture out what still needs to be completed.

Here are some questions that you want to ask yourself during your mid-year review:

  • How are you feeling about your year so far?
  • What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • How are you different now than you were 6 months ago?
  • Where are you stuck?


Evaluate what’s preventing you from acheiving your goals. What didn’t work? What do you know now that you possibly didn’t know when you first made your goals? Would this help you reach the desired goal? You need to be honest about your answers and don’t be afraid to revamp your timeframe if need be. If you feel that the issue is you’re missing a resource or talent, then maybe now’s the time to either get a team together or learn said missed talent.

For instance, my issue is marketing. I haven’t acheived certain goals because I don’t have strong marketing skills. What have I done about it? I’ve invested in a multitude of marketing classess for the next couple of months and I’ve dedicated myself to learning this skill. If that doesn’t work, I will have to invest in a more skilled marketing professional. When I reviewed my goals I had to be completely honest with myself even though it was very difficult. Marketing is not my strong point. How about you?

Always remember that it’s OK to change or even abandon a goal. If you feel strongly enough and don’t want to abandon that goal, then you could always come up with a new way of achieving it. There is nothing to feel ashamed about – this is not giving up on your business; it’s simply making a better decision and reinventing a goal so that you don’t feel like you are failing. So let’s think about this as a reinvention and not a failure – Embrace change!

Success Story

If everything went as hoped then I salute you sir or ma’am! I want to be like you when I grow up! Your system is working and I’d bet we’d all like to hear about your system in the comments below (hint hint). If only some of your goals were achieved, you are still doing so well! Don’t let yourself think that you are doing worse than anyone else. Keep in mind, all parties, that it’s worthwhile to monitor your goals regularly for the rest of the year (and before) to make sure you’re staying on track. If you do this, it will assist you in avoiding falling behind and allows you to immediately come up with a fix and implement it.


In the meantime download your free mid-year review worksheet by filling in the information above.

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