Do Something that Makes You Happy Daily ~ KayCee Enterprises

We all have things that we look forward to doing and things that we dread. Going to a networking event may be something and Introvert may dread doing, but building a website might be their passion. Think about it, it would be GREAT to only do things we’re good at and things we enjoy doing, but in reality that wouldn’t be feasible. What we CAN do is to use the things we’re good at and like doing to boost our self-confidence. This will then give us the energy to do tasks that we may not like as much or even HATE doing; but we all know these need to get done. (That’s life baby).

It’s a very draining feeling when everything all we do all day, every day are tasks that we’re not to fond of. This can impact the rest of your life. You wake up knowing that you have to got to 2 networking events today. Do you even want to get out of bed at that point? What then does that do to the rest of your day? You’re dragging, not finishing customer tasks, not going to the gym, and generally not feeling very motivated. It’s important to do something daily that you’re not only good at bit that you enjoy as well. You don’t have to do your favorite activity every day, but just do something that you are good at or does make you happy.

For example, you may be good at putting together reports and compiling complicated data into an easy to read format. It may not be your favorite thing to do, but it’s something you know you’re good at. That can be a good daily task that will give you a boost in confidence AND help build your company!

Having a hobby and making time to do it is another great option. When’s the last time you got to sit out in your garden? Maybe you haven’t painted in a month. How about that book you meant to finish two years ago? If that will give you a boost in your confidence, and makes you happy, carve out some time for it every day. Try to do it 30 minutes before bed or dedicate an afternoon on the weekend for your hobby; just make sure you get it in.

It’s important to incorporate these activities in your everyday life because they give you the drive you need to tackle the things you dread (like networking with people). Start by thinking about what you’re either good at and what you really love to do. Write it down so you have a short list of activities to work from on a regular basis. From there, it’s simply a matter of making sure you incorporate at least one of the activities into each day. Get in the habit of doing it and you’ll quickly start to notice a measurable improvement in your attitude and self-confidence. Use that positive energy to carry you through the tasks you don’t enjoy doing as much.

Let me know what you’re good at or your go to list of “feel good” tasks in the comments below or in our private Facebook Group.