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Companies are just now finding out how important Project Managers can be to their business. Owners may find their time wasted coordinating meetings, planning networking events, or delving into ther organizational tasks. What about a Project Manager? An Economist report, “The Link Between Project Management Excellence and Long-Term Success,” shows that 80% of executives worldwide believe that having a project manager has helped them remain competitive in their field.

Business Project Managers make sure that the company and staff are running smoothly. We oversee the company’s operation, employees (including a medical office staff); we plan, organize, budget, and oversee the growth and development of a company.

We organize and implement office operations in order to ensure both a smooth running office and an increasing growth of the business.

Our project management services are edited to suit your company’s needs.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. At what stage is your company?
2. What tasks do you need completed?
3. Is your management team disorganized/ Do you have a management team?
4. Are you too focused on your operational systems?
5. What resources do you have to work with?
6. Do your tasks need to be done within a specific time frame but this is currently overwhelming for you?
7. Do you need help growing your company?
8. Do you need help with strategy and business brainstorming?

If any of your answers made it clear that your company is stuck, stagnant or unorganized, it’s a sign that you need to hire a Business Project Manager . You might think that you simply need a virtual assistant, and while we do offer those services as well, keep in mind that VA’s focus on simple tasks and not on company operation. You might also feel like you don’t have enough resources to hire a remote office manager – like no physical office or you may think that you can’t afford one. Keep in mind that, just like having a financial advisor/ accountant, it’s better to hire a project manager earlier than you may be comfortable with. As soon as you no longer have to work IN your business, you’ll realize that you have more time to work on growing your company full-time! So as you can see, opting for a Business Project Manager is the best way to go!

Business Project Manager

Business Project Managers are the best bet for companies for a number of reasons, the best of which is that you are able to get the management your company deserves for the a fraction of the cost.

Some services you can expect to get from KayCee Enterprises’ Business Project Management team inclue:
Database implementation and management
Human Resources
Event Planning
Customer/ Vendor Communications
Employee Management
Project Managemetn
Calendar and Email Management
Website Security & Management
Social Media Management
Online Marketing

Why should you work with my company as opposed to hiring a full time Project Manager? Hiring a contractor can often times be cheaper and more flexible than hiring a full time Project Manager. With a full time employee, you have to worry about taxes, social seurity, and benefits. However, as a company myself, I already posess these item and the responsibility will not fall on your shoulders.

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New Business/ Startup Assistance

This is need if you are ready to start your business and want to take the guess work out of the process.

I’ve come up with this package to help you start your business with all of the answers and less of the indecision.

This is a 6 month to one year walk-you-through package for Brand New Start up Business. With this package you’ll receive:

  • Virtual meeting once a week (4 times a month) 1 hour each
  • Help brainstorm and choose a business name
  • Assist you in filing your business name
  • Choose a business structure
  • Help you write your business plan (long or short)
  • Figure out your sales tax
  • Offer Accountability
  • Draft your mission statement
  • Draft your slogan
  • Develop your elevator pitch
  • Help you develop your 12 month goals
  • Assist you with budgeting
  • Develop your pricing structure
  • Will you need insurance? We’ll help you figure that out and get the right company
  • Get you in touch with a Lawyer for your business
  • Help you build your team
  • Develop your marketing plan

Only $699/mo for up to 12 months. After 1 year we will re-evaluate your business and needs.

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