Automating Your Business So You Can Go on Vacation ~ KayCee Enterprises

As a home business owner, it’s important to make plans to take time off. That means a real vacation to turn off all the computers, disconnect from social media, and spend time with your family. Everyone needs a vacation. The problem is, business owners tend not to take very many vacations and when they do, they usually don’t. You’re afraid of losing money so you’re on the beach answering emails or finishing up that last minute presentation for a customer. With Automation, you can set up your business to avoid losing income and still be able to turn everything off while relaxing.

hand-895588_1920Build a Reliable Team

As a small business owner it’s imperative that at some point you build up a team. You want to eventually work FOR your business and not IN your business. The goal is to manage workers, instead of you being the 24/hour worker so that you can leave time for short periods away while business goes on as usual. Offer good training, a good rate of pay, and responsibility to your contractors and they’ll come through for you when you’re gone.

Use Automation Wisely

There are a lot of ways to automate much of your business. Whatever you can automate without making your business SEEM automated, do so. If it doesn’t directly affect a client, automate it. For instance, you can automate most of your bookkeeping duties and your computer backups. Think hard about automating any aspect of customer service, though. This would be better for a team to handle.


Bring in a Partner

If you cannot afford to outsource and build an entire team, find a business owner who is in the same boat as you – someone who does the same type of work you do. Make a deal to take over work for the other while on vacation and vice versa. Put it in your client contracts that your proxy will work in your place during vacations, illness, or death. Make sure you have an iron clad confidentiality agreement in place prior to allowing anyone to take over your customers.

workplace-1245776_1920Schedule and Be Transparent

One of the best ways to control the flow of work is to create a schedule for submission of work, as well as deadlines that are realistic. If you constantly accept last-minute requests it can be difficult to ever get away from work. However, if your clients can see a clear business schedule, it will make it easier for them to be aware of your availability.

Build Up Your Passive Income

Passive income is money you make from past work such as affiliate income from product recommendations, blogging, webinars and other activities. If you build up your passive income, and pre schedule blog posts, you’ll find that your income will not suffer while you’re gone. (Keep in mind that this goes hand in hand with social media)

IF necessary, as a small business owner you can easily take a vacation and continue working on a laptop. (Not that that’s really a vacation)
You literally can work from anywhere with an internet connection/ wifi so you’re not tied down to one location. However, why not build your business to the point that you can go on a real vacation and COMPLETELY disconnect for a couple weeks a year?