7 Ways to Unclutter Your Business ~ KayCee Enterprises

Cleaning up chaos and restoring order to your business is all about finding the right tools and methods that work with you, your clients, your contractors—and your unique type of business.

As a Business Building Project Manager, my business revolves around keeping your business organized and running as smoothly as possible. With that, I bring you 7 ways to unclutter your business. Apply as many as these as you can to keep from getting overwhelmed with your company.

  1. Create a Company Manual

In fact, create two—a master manual for yourself, and one without personal information for your virtual assistant or project manager.
Your company manual should act as a complete package, should anything happen to you, so that whoever is cleaning up your business affairs can find everything they need, including your RoboForm or LastPass master password, site URLS, contractors to be paid, instructions, business documents—and the password to your computer!

  1. Apply for a Business Credit Card

If you have a business bank account (mandatary for LLC companies or corporations, but not for sole proprietors) then apply for a credit card dedicated solely to your business. Use it to pay online subscriptions, web hosting fees and offline expenses such as gas used on business errands, stationery and other office supplies, and business travel.

  1. Manage Your Taxes—in Advance

Did you have to pay taxes last year? Is your business already bringing in more income? Then estimate and project your next year’s taxes—and start putting a portion of each month’s income into your business bank account or a business savings account for taxes; or set up a tax payment option directly in your online banking and pay a portion every month. At tax time, you won’t have to pay—and if you do, it will be minimal. (And maybe you’ll get a refund!)

An easy way to track your finances and get ready for tax season is Freshbooks. It’s a great online program that I use as an automatic accountant. You can send invoices, receive payment, print your profit and loss report, and more!

  1. Use Mobile Apps

Is half your life lived on your cell? If your answer is “yes”, consider using mobile apps to help you stay organized.

You can download:

  • To-do lists

  • Schedulers

  • Expense tracking apps (Like Expensify)

  • Dictation and recording apps

  • Social media scheduling and tracking apps

Plus all those personal apps that free up more time for your business. I use Trello and Evernote as well as Google Calendar on my phone.

  1. Maintain Your Office!

Once you have uncluttered your physical workspace, fit maintaining it into your daily routine. File everything the moment you use it and take note of where clutter tends to build up again.

Clutter is a sign that something is not working for you. So analyze what you are missing and do something about it. It might be a bigger in-tray, or a different place to put your pencil holder or a bulletin board instead of a wall calendar—but whatever gives you problems, don’t wait till clutter builds up again. Fix it right away, make sure it works—and get back to keeping your office a clean, inspirational, organized, pleasant place to work.

  1. Get Household Help

Don’t just outsource your online business tasks: Do the same for your physical space and offline responsibilities too.

Pay the children to walk the dog. Invest in a cleaning service—and have them dust, polish and vacuum your office too. Ask your husband to split the cooking with you.

  1. Use Online Services for Offline Problem-solving

If you’re too busy to grocery shop—don’t! See if your local store has a service that will not only deliver groceries but shop for you too. If you live in a major city, Google “groceries delivered to your door”—and then check out reviews and testimonials for the shopping services that will pop up.

Personally, I use Amazon Prime‘s grocery service. It’s a TIME SAVER!!

I hope this list helps and I will try and put together another uncluttering list soon!