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Getting to know more about yoooouuuuu!”

Hello it's me Ky I'm an entrepreneur, an author, an avid book worm, a foodie, a grammar freak, and the person who cares about growing your business as much as you do!


Every company’s goal is to be organized – having everything running smoothly and efficiently. KayCee Enterprises, LLC is your solution. KayCee is a virtual assistance and remote office management firm based in Media PA, and servicing companies nationwide like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and Las Vegas.

Could you believe that when the owner Ky Toure was in 6th grade, this was the first time she touched a computer? “Ky was a natural on the computer and between us and her 6th grade teacher, we pushed her to be more technologically savvy.” Ky’s mom said. “We also realized she was a natural at electronics, interviews, managing, and organization. I wasn’t really sure what she would do with all those skills, but I thought Engineering would be best.”

Ky went to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (I know I know GEAUX CAJUNS) for a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering, but couldn’t cut the Calculus. “Why oh WHY do we need Calculus?!” Ky was often heard SCREAMING saying. Although she made straight A’s in the Engineering Department, she was unable to continue with this degree.

One thing I can say about Ky though, she’s stubborn tenacious and doesn’t take “No” for an answer. She went back to school and obtained a Bachelor’s in Technical Management as well as TWO Master’s in Information System/ Project Management and Public Administration. If that’s not enough, Ky’s contemplating going BACK to school for a Ph.D in Psychology. TALK ABOUT DRIVEN….*or crazy*….whichever works (and lets me keep my job).

Ky recently rebranded KayCee Enterprises from Aftermarket Inception Computers & Graphics (Whew! That’s a mouthful) due to her customer’s growing needs of her office management skills. Although she no longer does smaller IT projects, she still assists her larger IT customers like Amazon, Best Buy, Shop Rite, Toys R Us, and more. (OK OK we’re TOTALLY name dropping!)

Ky is an expert with IT, project management, office management, customer service training, graphic design, and website design. She enjoys every aspect of helping her customers manage their companies and build their brand.

If she’s not working, Ky enjoys reading mystery and fantasy novels (from authors such as Dean Koontz and Kim Harrison – she’s so bummed that the Hollows series is over), weight training, watching movies, and spending quality time with her family. She dreams of one day retiring in the hills of Belgium (they have hills right?) with a summer home in the Caribbean. “Dreams are what makes us human.”

Ky Toure – Owner




Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with

  • “Extremely fast and exactly as advertised! Just what I needed. Thank you!”
    Website Design Customer
  • “I would definitely say the best (and fastest) proofreader around! No other words necessary.”
    Virtual Assistant Customer
  • “Brilliant!Great job,I love it!I will be coming back for more.”
    Website Design Customer