Yesterday we went into setting goals and why it’s important to have meaningful and specific ones. I hope you did your homework and thought about what some of your own goals are. If you did, great! If you didn’t, let’s stop for a bit and get that done before you continue.

Today we are going to put a theory into action and begin writing down goals and checking them off.

I see the sweat on your forehead. How? Pay no attention to the monitoring cameras riddled throughout your office. ANYWAY, this action isn’t going to be as complicated as you might think. Yesterday we talked about some long-term goal ideas. While those are great to have, we need to break them into much smaller, daily goals that we can use to help get a boost in confidence. These are the small goals we are going to use as a checklist – you will check off each day/ week as you’ve accomplished t hem. Sometimes they are a part of your bigger goals and sometimes they aren’t; we are going to make it part of your larger goals.

Let’s think about what you want to accomplish today. This may include making a meal plan for the week so that you can focus on your business more instead of having to wonder what’s for dinner. You may need to find time to read a business building book or take an hour to work out – it doesn’t matter what the goal is exactly, just write those goals down in a journal that you can carry with you and can look at throughout the day. Then, as you accomplish each of your smaller goals, check it off! You can actually put a check mark next to it or cross it out; whichever works for you. Try them both and see which one feels better for you.

It’s very gratifying to check items off your goals to-do list; every time you check something off, you get a small boost in confidence that will help motivate you to work on and complete the next task. You can even mix and match small goals (or tasks) that are very easy to accomplish. Those that may take a little longer or require a little more attention will have to be done individually to get your entire attention.

Remember; don’t put too much on your list; if you find yourself getting overwhelmed then try to limit it to no more than five tasks at a time. Make it work for you and see which system gives you the biggest boost in confidence and courage.

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