Numerous studies show that the number of smartphone users is increasing every year. Most of these people use their mobile devices to surf the Internet. Even more importantly, people use their phones for targeted searches that often lead to immediate sales. Your website should be easily accessible to this category of users.

Here are some of the main reasons why your business needs a responsive website:

Steady Growth in Mobile Internet Usage 

People use their smartphones more than ever, which means that a significant percentage of all Internet users connect through their mobile phones. They need a well-designed, responsive website to view your content. Simply put: if your visitors are unable to view your website properly they will leave. Just like you can’t expect users to install a specific browser to access your website you cannot expect them to use only one type of a device.

Keep in mind that a significant percentage of Internet users have a mobile device. This audience is growing rapidly and you cannot ignore it. According to recent studies, around 80% of Americans own a smartphone device. Mobile Internet usage is skyrocketing, especially in e-commerce. People use their phones and other mobile devices to surf the Internet on a regular basis. Not having a mobile-friendly website means less exposure for your business, which can have a serious negative impact on your sales and profit.

Screenshot 2015-01-11 19.09.25Responsive Design Attracts More Customers

Responsive design is one of the easiest ways to attract more customers. It goes beyond ensuring that every user can view your website properly: it can actually bring more people to your business. How? Keep in mind that people on smartphones perform specific types of searches. Since they are on the go, they will search for nearby restaurants, shops or hotels. Responsive websites are the easiest way to attract people.

Even if your business operates through e-sales only it’s still worth attracting local customers. Many people prefer to order locally. For all these reasons it’s worth having a mobile-friendly website. It is one of the easiest ways to attract more customers and improve your revenue.

Improved Online Sales

A responsive, mobile-friendly website can significantly improve your online sales. Responsive design opens new opportunities for visitors to perform their purchase and you sure want to encourage this. Having a responsive website results in sale opportunities you’d otherwise miss out.

A mobile-friendly website is a must for e-Commerce. Since many people shop using their smartphones it’s vital to make your products easily accessible and attractive. If your users have to click and zoom multiple times just to view a product, chances are that they won’t be impressed. On the other hand, having a well-designed website that makes products look great on their phone will sure improve your online sales.

Keep in mind that mobile searches are usually goal-oriented. People use their phones to find something they need at the moment and they are ready to make a purchase when they find it. People make plans in the last minute and use their phones to quickly find – and buy – what they need at the moment.
Mobile searches drive conversions and quickly lead to sales.

Improved Impact on Social Mediasmo_services

Responsive websites help a lot in running social media campaigns. In fact, they are vital for your success on social media. Many people use their smartphones for social media, not to mention numerous social media apps they may have installed on their mobile devices. It’s usually the easiest way to reach your website through any social media platform. 

Recommended by Googlegoogle-says

It’s important to know that responsive web design is one of Google recommendations. As you probably know, Google recommendations should be taken seriously. While a responsive design won’t improve your Google ranking overnight, it can sure help. Responsive websites make it easier for spiders to crawl and index your website and all its versions. Not to mention that responsive websites greatly improve user experience, which is one of the main attributes Google pays attention to when deciding on SERP results.

Improved User Experience

Responsive design greatly improves user experience all across the board. Since most people have many different devices they use to connect to the Internet, it’s vital to ensure that your website is fully functional regardless of the device a user chooses. A responsive website provides a much better user experience than a separate mobile website created for only one type of device or screen size.

Management Made Easy

Responsive websites make Internet marketing easier. Since there is only one website to promote, you only need only one SEO strategy and one Internet marketing plan. Managing one website and one campaign is much easier (not to mention more affordable) than having to manage two different websites and their campaigns. A quick tip: to get the most out of your unified campaign don’t forget to include some mobile-friendly keywords.

Racing with Competitors

In order to stay relevant on the market you need to follow industry trends. Your competitors sure will. You don’t want to lose your business to competitors just because they attract more mobile users. Make your website responsive to stay current in the race against the competitors.

Preparing for the Future

Having a responsive website is a good investment for the future. It makes your business accessible to all categories of users, which is a trend that will never go away. Not to mention that opting for a responsive design means preparing your business for a growth in visitor numbers.

Mobile users won’t make excuses for you. They want their online experience to be as smooth as a desktop surfing experience. It is your job to ensure this. Keep in mind: a responsive, mobile-friendly website is the only way to stay relevant in today’s online market.