You find yourself doing “busy work” and falling behind on marketing, coaching, or forming networking relationships. If this sounds like you, it seems like it’s time to invest in a Business Growth Project Manager.

Companies are just now finding out how important Project Managers can be to their business. An Economist report, “The Link Between Project Management Excellence and Long-Term Success,” shows that 80% of executives worldwide believe that having a project manager has helped them remain competitive in their field.

Please note that we cater our services to each business’ unique needs.

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Business Project Managers make sure that the company and staff are running smoothly. We oversee the company’s operation, employees (including medical office staff); we plan, organize, budget, and oversee the growth and development of a company.

We organize and implement office operations in order to ensure both a smooth running office and an increasing growth of the business.

Our PM services are edited to suit your office’s needs.

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Thank you for thinking of KayCee Enterprises for your project management needs. We are here to help with one of the most important aspects of your life and will customize a package to make all your stress melt away! Please contact us at or 832-377-5437 to discuss your needs and how we can make your office run smoothly and stress free!

Assistant Multitasking

The Gallup Business Review Survey shows that the United States economy loses $50-$150 billion per year due to failed projects. A PricewaterhouseCoopers’ study found that only 2.5% of 200 companies from 30 countries successfully completed 100% of their projects.

A majority of executives stated that adhering to project management methods and strategies reduced their risks, cut costs and improved their overall success rates.

You need a Business Growth Project Manager if any of the above is true for your company.

Ask yourself these questions:
1. What stage is your company at?
2. What tasks do you need completed?
3. What resources do you have to work with?
4. Do your tasks need to be done within a specific time frame but this is currently overwhelming for you?
5. Do you need help growing your company?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s a clear sign that you need to hire a Project Manager. You might think that you don’t have enough resources to do so, like you don’t have a physical office or you feel that you just need a little bit of help, so you don’t need to hire someone full time. In these cases – and many others – opting for a Business Growth Project Manager is the best way to go!

What can a PM do?

Company Growth

Human resources

Completing tasks and projects within a specified budget and time frame

Startup assistance

Nonprofit Company assistance

Who we are:

A U.S. based company who can work during normal business hours and on short notice to get and keep your company running smoothly.

At KayCee Ent., we offer over 10 years of project management services, working in a range of environments from small businesses like Doctors, Lawyers, and nonprofits – to large, million dollar companies like DRPA in Philadelphia.

With us, you will get  a plethora of services like project management, expert writers, highly experienced project coordinators, and motivated virtual assistants. We boast 10 years in business development, customer service support, over-the-phone support, graphic design, as well as website maintenance. With all these skills on hand, why would you go anywhere else!?

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Office Manager / Medical Office Manager

Provide administrative skill in both a business and medical office setting
Manage your office with little supervision
Oversee administrative staff
Schedule meetings and appointments
Liaison to Vendors and other third parties
Event Planning
Human Resources
Implementing Job Searches
Employee training
Employee discipline

Remote Receptionist

We are here to answer your phones and take your messages; we are your as needed answering service.

In a medical office, we ensure that you don’t miss an incoming appointment or a new patient inquiry. Don’t let them go to your competition; we’ll keep them with your practice.

We’ll answer your phones during lunch, before office opening, after office closes. We’ll take those new patient appointments so you never miss one!


Being an accountant can be a busy and frustrating experience, especially during tax season. We are here to take your stress away and give your more time to focus on your clients’ needs.

For other business owners, we keep track of your books throughout the year so that you know  your finances and are ready for tax season. No more going through boxes of receipts!

We work with Freshbooks or Quicken.

Human Resources

This is offered under our Office Manager packages:

Employee recruitment – Posting on various job boards
Oversee department functions
Interviewing, hiring, discipline, termination all through Skype
Training and development
Employee relations
Update office policy as necessary