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Welcome and Congrats on Taking The First Step To Your Future!

Hi! I’m glad you landed on my page. My name is Ky Toure and I’m a mother, a Deadpool die hard fan, and I just happen to love helping business owners organize their company using tried and true project management techniques.

Get Ready To Go From Overwhelm To Fearless Business Owner

So, you have a business but are overwhelmed with a lack of time, not knowing what to do next, or not understanding why your business hasn’t grown. You’re frustrated, feel unproductive, unorganized, and not sure how to manage your company to achieve your goals.

Well companies like yours are in need of Project Management – what I’ve dubbed BUSINESS Project Management. What is project management you ask? (because I know you did) It’s the science of getting things done! Not just getting it done but getting it done in an organized and timely manner.

You see, the main problem in many businesses is that they don’t have any processes in place to get work done efficiently.

Project Management Systems can significantly help small businesses improve performance and allow them to compete more successfully in their respective industry.

This is where organization, time management and even positive motivation come into play!


“Our company went from $0 to 6 figures in half a year thanks to you!”

Laurence – Focus Clean

If you are frustrated with the stunted growth of your company

If you find yourself constantly working in your business instead of on your business

If you are completely confused and frustrated with the daily operation of your company

If you would like a stress-free way of starting a successful business

If any of these scenarios sound like you, then you’re in the right place!

We teach you to gain clarity and growth in your business with our signature project management process of:


I’ll teach you goal planning, strategic SWOT analysis, and/or new business planning


Using the planning phase, I then show you how to implement the steps to achieve your goals. I also show you how to develop an effective SOP, or for new business owner – we get the process started.


once the implementation process is through and your project has started, you just sit back and watch the results. In this step you just focus on building your results.

KayCee Enterprises is here to offer you the organization, support, and security  that you desperately need.

So, what are you waiting for! Let’s get started!


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